SELECT C.*, (DATE_ADD(C.DateIn, INTERVAL 30 DAY) > NOW()) as IsNew, B.Name BName, BC.NameEng BCName, BC.PicFlag BCPicFlag, CC.NameEng CCName, CC.PicFlag CCPicFlag, LB.Name LBName, LC.NameEng LCName, LC.PicFlag LCPicFlag FROM Coaster C LEFT JOIN Brewery B ON (C.BreweryID=B.ID) LEFT JOIN Country BC ON (B.CountryID=BC.ID) LEFT JOIN Country CC ON (C.CountryID=CC.ID) LEFT JOIN Brewery LB ON (C.LicBreweryID=LB.ID) LEFT JOIN Country LC ON (LC.ID=LB.CountryID)WHERE (C.ID=12963) Podstawki pod piwo, beermat, coaster, bierdeckel, pasavasos
ID: 12963
Brewery: Trinidad and Tobago  Trinidad and Tobago
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