Hi, my name is Robert Papis. I live in Poland. I'm 31 years old...

I collect beermats as you can see:) but it takes only small part of my life.

I am an assistant lecturer in The Institute of Computer Science Technical University of £ód¼. Currently I work on Case Based Reasoning and Expert Systems.
I prepared special website for my students.

I have IT firm 'Done'. We project and create websites...

I like mountains, books, Pearl Jam, hot tea, to get to know new people, to run and bike...

I hate human stupidity

I interested in GO, philosophy (epistemology and cognitive science), logic, genetic, psychology... and many many more

I train my mind and body in AiKiDo dojo.

And sometimes I make photos...
  My address:
Robert Papis
ul. Narutowicza 16/22A
90-135 Lodz (£ód¼)

E-mail: beer@ultra.pl